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Mom Takes The Edge Off Food Insecurity

Mom Takes The Edge Off Food Insecurity

Sometimes it’s the small surprises life can bring that help take the edge off food insecurity while making ends meet.

Take Silvia, a working wife and mother of three in school. Keeping them fed and focused on schoolwork is her primary goal – and challenge. Living on the financial brink common to working families, Silvia and her husband worry about how to provide good nutritional food for their children’s growing physical and mental appetites.

It’s hard to maintain our bills and feed everyone. Sometimes my kids tell me they’re going to get a part-time job to help us out. But we tell them, ‘We want you to study. We want you to have a better life than the one we’re able to give you now, to have more possibilities.’ The food we get from the OC Food Bank has helped us so much.

For help, Silvia turns to one of Orange County United Way’s innovative Healthy Food Provision programs.

Orange County United Way at Work

Many families live in ‘food deserts’ throughout OC, where it’s difficult to buy affordable, quality fresh food. United Way advocates for healthy children by addressing food insecurity through partnerships with sustainable, local food distribution programs.

Healthy, Innovative Food Provisioning in OC

Our unique partnership with OC Food Bank and Second Harvest Food Bank provides OC residents an opportunity to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables through school and community pantries, and pop-up farmers’ markets for seniors.

In addition, excess food from restaurants and catering events is redistributed to those in need through Waste Not OC, ensuring more families have access to wholesome meals.

We’ve also established community gardens to help educate residents on environmentally sound, less costly sources of fresh produce while empowering them to be self-sufficient.

Orange County ranks second in the state for food insecurity. One in four of our children go hungry each day.

By providing innovative food provisioning programs, United Way is improving the standards of health for children and families, so they can enjoy longer, more positive lives and contribute to our vibrant community.

I’m so appreciative of all the people who give their time and donations, so that I can come here and get food for my family (my children love the fresh fruits and vegetables I bring home). It helps our family and a lot of others who are in our situation.

Keep growing, kids!

Adults, donate today!

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