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Healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line to keep us safe. Help us help them.

Orange County United Way is partnering with the Nailing It For Health Care Workers initiative to help bring much-needed protective equipment to our local healthcare workers, grocery store employees and other front-line service providers who are protecting our most vulnerable neighbors as we are united in confronting the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic together.

Tam Nguyen, Orange County United Way’s Board Co-Chair and CEO of Advance Beauty College, helped kick off the Nailing It For Health Care Workers initiative, a volunteer effort led by several professionals and businesses in O.C. to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers. At that time, 120,000 face masks, more than 300,000 gloves, and other much-needed personal protective equipment were delivered to healthcare workers in 40 hospitals and medical clients in Orange County in just 10 days.

Still, more PPE supplies are needed for healthcare workers across Orange County hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and other essential front-line service provider facilities.

Nailing It For Healthcare Workers in actionMore than 15 restaurant owners also joined the initiative to deliver freshly prepared, packaged meals to healthcare workers. With a surge of patients expected, it is unlikely healthcare workers will have time or the ability to prepare and eat meals regularly. These donated meals are one less thing for them to worry about, and is another essential element for their continued well-being.

Orange County United Way has partnered with Nailing It For Health Care Workers to expand this initiative, opening up the opportunity for more businesses and community members who want to help O.C. healthcare workers.

These essential healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line for us – let’s unite to support them!

Donate to support health care workers

For questions or if you have PPE and supplies to donate, please contact Doug McKay, Director, Engagement Strategy at (949)263-6125 or via email.

$38,242 raised as of April 23, 2021
Amount updated weekly.


Adam Bowermaster $100
Adobe Inc. $98
American Cuts & Perms $500
Amy Nitao $197.50
Andy Pham $10
Anh Quang $300
Anhthu Phan $40
Audrina Wong $100
Bac Bong $300
Bac Dong $100
Bele Nguyen – State Farm Match $485
Bele Nguyen $500
Ben Nguyen $100
Brat Min $20
Brian McPheeters $100
Brian McPheeters $50
Cara Nguyen $100
Carlos Leija $50
Carrie Stewart $100
Chance Nguyen $100
Chi Nguyen $150
Christie Nguyen $100
Christine Nguyen $100
Chuan Nguyen $100
Co Hong $100
Co Nga $50
Cody Wong $100
Colin Wong $100
Corina Aguilera $50
Cyndi Tran $100
David Tran $50
Deanne Mendoza $100
Ed and Laurieann Hart $100
Elise Nguyen $100
Esther Wright $300
Ha Duong $1,000
Hallie Duong $100
Hang Nguyen Le $500
Heo Map Nguyen $500
Hieu Nguyen $300
Hiroaki Kinoshita $1,500
Hiroaki Kinoshita $1,500
Huong Thuy Nguyen $85
Jane Curtis MD $100
Jane Curtis MD $100
Jennifer Vu $50
Johnny Ngo $100
Julie Pung $332.50
Kathleen Dang Tran $25
Kathy Tran $25
Kevin and Jen Yamabe $100
Khoi Nguyen $20
Kien Nguyen $3,000
Kimberly Tarantino $100
Ky Vu ( Tiffany) $50
Liem Nguyen thanh $50
Linh Nguyen $100
Long Nguyen $500
Long Nguyen $500
Lonnissa Nguyen $500
Lonnissa Nguyen $500
Lori Lai $20
Maria Chau Na $100
Maya Nguyen $100
Maya Nguyen $50
Mayumi Allison $1,000
Meg McComb $500
Meg McComb $500
Merrick Nguyen $50
Michelle & Alan Nguyen $100
Minh Nguyen $3,000
Minh-Khue Nguyen $100
Morales $100
Mr. Do $10
Mseafood Corp $1,000
Mychi Vo $100
Ngoc-Han Pham $600
Nguyen Nguyen $70
Nikki Huynh $100
Paul Dykstra $10
Phuoc Truong $500
Phuong Nguyen $50
Q&H Management $600
Reginald Chun $25
Richard Le $500
Sandy Heit $50
Sheryl Fontaine $250
Stefanie Light $25
Steven Jones $250
Steven Mihaylo and Lois Mihaylo $2,500
Susan Lew $100
Tam Nguyen $1,084
Tam Nguyen $100
Tam Nguyen $50
Tanya Optometry Corp $475
Ted Nguyen $100
The Nguyen Families, Advance Beauty College $6,500
The Vivrette Family $1,000
Thomas Chong $200
Tino Dinh $25
Tuyet Dieu Thanh $100
Ty Nguyen $100
Van Lai $100
Viet Pham $1,000
Vinh Nguyen $100
Vuong Le $200
Wayne Nguyen $100
Zunie Nguyen $10
Anonymous $1,000
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $50

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